Speaker Announcement: Khalil Daoud, Liban Post

Apr 17, 2019 | 2019, Speaker Spotlight

We are delighted to announce that Khalil Daoud, Chairman & Managing Director of Liban Post will be speaking at the World Mail & Express Europe Conference (WMX Europe) 2019.

Khalil Daoud is LibanPost’s Chairman & Managing Director.  Since 2002, he undertook major reforms on the infrastructure, human capital, business diversification and brand establishment levels, rapidly transforming the company into a profitable one.

Daoud serves as Chairman of PUMed, is a Board Member of IPEMED as well as the Chairman of its Supervisory Board. In 2013, he was also appointed Chairman & Managing Director of CashUnited (MoneyGram distributor in Lebanon).

Previously, Daoud held senior positions across the Middle East, of which 5 years at SMH (Swiss luxury watches) and 10 years with Gillette. He holds a BA in Business Administration.

WMX Europe is taking place at Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland (17 – 19 June 2019). Visit www.wmxeurope.com for more information. Want to speak at WMX Europe? Answer our Call for Papers.

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