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Shaping the future of logistics: Evolving with the times.

“What’s dangerous is not to evolve.”
– Jeff Bezos



Insights directly from our Postal Leaders


Green Logistics: Driving Change for a greener future

Delivering value: The importance of customer centricity

The future is here: unlock the true potential of AI

Fuelling growth and shaping the future: Innovations and new technologies

WMX Europe Welcome Reception // Tuesday 18th June 2024

18.30 – 20.30 // WMX Europe 2024 Welcome Reception
Join us on Tuesday evening for delicious food, drinks and networking opportunities before the start of WMX Europe 2024 content. Sponsored by Zonos.

Day 1 // Wednesday 19th June 2024

08.30 // Registration, Showcase Exhibition and Networking Opens
Refreshments sponsored by RouteSmart Technologies

09.00 // Welcome to Madrid
Neil Jackson | Chief Executive Officer | Triangle Management Services


09.05 // Insights directly from our Postal Leaders

In a world of chaos and unforeseen obstacles, our postal operators have continuously shown resilience and willingness to adapt and modernise operations to predict and withstand future shocks. The sector is undergoing huge transformation through the growth of ecommerce, changing consumer demands, reduction in mail volume, and global crises through the ongoing effects of the pandemic and continuing conflict. We will hear from some of our most influential postal leaders who are actively implementing new technologies and strategies ensuring more efficient, sustainable, and reliable operations that will reshape the industry for the better.

Moderator: Brody Buhler | Chief Executive Officer | Escher Group

09.10 // The rights and wrongs of the postal e-commerce
Francisco Javier Miranda Lasheras | Head of International Sales | Correos

09.25 // Building Sustainable, 100% Digital and Automated Postal Infrastructure to Cope with War and E-Commerce Demands
Igor Smelyansky | Chief Executive Officer | Ukrposhta

09.40 // Underdog Dynamics: Latvia Post Turning Limitations into Opportunities
Beate Krauze-Čebotare | Chief Executive Officer |  Latvijas Pasts

09.55 // bpostgroup: Creating high-level logistical solutions for the future
Chris Peeters | Group CEO | bpostgroup

10.10 // Discussion & Q&A

10.40 // Networking Break
Refreshments will be available in the exhibition area, sponsored by FB Canada Express


11.25 // In conversation with Zonos: Boosting Postal Growth: The Role of DDP

Postal operators must adapt their strategies to remain competitive globally. Many are looking to develop a Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) solution; some already offer one. In our discussion with Zonos, we will explore the current options available for postal operators to become part of this DDP network. This involvement aims to increase both outbound and inbound volume.

Clint Reid | Founder & CEO | Zonos

Aaron Bezzant | Head of Global Trade Strategy | Zonos

Jan Van Roey | Head of International | Poste Italiane

Gavin Macrae | Co-Founder & President, Europe | Delta Prospect

12.05 // Discussion & Q&A

12.25 // Networking Buffet Lunch
Lunch will be available in the exhibition area sponsored by One World Express


13.25 // Transforming Posts to Stay Alive!

Posts need to further transform their traditional activities at a higher speed to maintain market relevance and competitiveness. This is evident through the accelerated decline in mail volumes; rapid development of competitors; growth of e-commerce, and the pressures of the USO. The market landscape is changing and evolving at a speed that posts have always struggled to meet. In this session we will learn from industry leaders on how posts can transform to meet new ever-changing demands and examine the transformations that are no longer optional; but mandatory to stay alive!

Moderator: Gavin Macrae | Co-Founder & President, Europe | Delta Prospect

13.30 // The Inevitable Reality
Brody Buhler | Chief Executive Officer | Escher

13.40 // The operational constraints and flexibility provided by postal regulation
Peter Dunn | Director of European Relations | Cullen International

13.50 // How we are preparing the next 500 years
Diogo Freitas Oliveira | Transformation Director | CTT

14.00 // Logistics 2.0 – what can we learn from other industries?
Gusts Muzikants | Chief Commercial Officer | Omniva

14.10 // Discussion & Q&A

14.40 // Networking Break
Refreshments sponsored by Escher Group


15.25 // Green Logistics: Driving Change for a greener future

The post and parcel industry have taken on huge development strides to tackle sustainability issues by investing in technological advancements and green solutions such as electrifying fleets, fuel alternatives, out-of-home deliveries, route optimisation and much more. In this session, we will explore how these developments have been implemented into business models as well as what our next steps for the future will look like. It is important to act (now!) and understand that there is no time to wait for a “perfect solution”, we must embrace responsibility and collaborate to create a greener future for all of us.

Moderator: Botond Szebeny | Secretary General | PostEurop

15.30 // Long walk to sustainability 
Elena Fernández Rodríguez | Deputy Director International Relations and ESG | Correos

15.40 // The Pursuit of Sustainable work within Logistics
Thomas Jacob Jensen | Head of Sales Europe | Posten Bring AS

15.50 // Combining multiple levers to optimize transport environmental performance
Christelle Defaye-Geneste | Director for European and customs affairs | La Poste

16.00 // Challenges on the way to Green Zero
Felix Blaich | Director International Postal Relations | Deutsche Post DHL Group

16.10 // Sustainability Panel Discussion

Green Logistics: How far we have come and what we still need to achieve to ensure a greener future in logistics.
Moderator: Botond Szebeny | Secretary General | PostEurop

16.40 // Day One Conference Close

19.30 // Drinks Reception  sponsored by One World Express
20.30 // World Post & Parcel Awards Gala Dinner

Day 2 // Thursday 20th June 2024

09.30 // Registration, Showcase Exhibition and Networking Opens
Refreshments sponsored by Avalara


10.00 // Delivering value: the importance of customer centricity

Moderator: Alan Barrie / Chair / Stamp Free and YEEP! Lockers 

10.05 // How to create an Engaging Customer Experience for your Global Shopper
Patrick Frith | Senior Director of Cross-Border Growth | Avalara

10.15 // Customer centric delivery
Marc Sarmiento | Head of Research & Innovation  | Österreichische Post AG

10.25 // The commercial opportunities of the post-purchase ecosystem
Matthew Jacques | Global Partnerships Director | ZigZag

10.35 // Delivering Value……who decides?
Misko Kancko | Director of Global Strategy | Canada Post

10.45 // Discussion & Q&A

11.15 // Networking Break
Refreshments sponsored by CCL


12.00 // The future is here: unlocking the true potential of AI

Artificial intelligence has enabled the logistics industry to further develop efficiency and reliability of operations by revolutionising the way we are able to manage and process large data sets, make intelligent decisions, and predict outcomes. The rapid development of AI creates excitement as well as uncertainties which results in many companies failing to truly leverage the potential of AI.

AI will continue to develop and become a critical tool for all businesses; highlighting that as an industry there needs to be a change in mindset and behaviour to embrace the true potential and advantages of AI.

Moderator: Sven Kukemelk | VP International Business | Omniva 

12.05 //  Bringing letter products to a higher level with the help of AI
Sonja Slottke | Partner and Network Management | Pakajo GmbH

12.15 // Beyond the Hype: Practical Strategies for AI in Logistics
Eric Pong | Logistics Partnerships Director | AfterShip

12.25 // Unlocking Efficiency: Optimising Out-of-Home & Final Mile Delivery Networks
Michael Anderson | Head of Business | Kardinal

12.35 // What’s in that parcel? AI finding the needle in the haystack
Chad Schofield | Co-founder & Chief Digital Officer | BoxC

12.45 // Discussion and Q&A

13.05 // Networking Buffet Lunch
Lunch will be available in the exhibition area sponsored by Scurri



Technological advancements and shifting consumer expectations, have massively changed the landscape of logistics and highlighted the importance of evolving traditional business models to ensure growth and efficiency. Innovation and technology are pivotal tools needed to optimize operational processes, from streamlining last-mile delivery to enhancing warehouse our operations. New innovations and technology will continue to play a huge role in reshaping the logistics industry, which is why it is important to invest, implement and collaborate with these technologies allowing companies to adapt to the constantly shifting environment
Moderator: Amine Khechfe | Co-founder, Endicia | Chief Strategy Officer, ex-Auctane/ (retired)

14.10 // Addressing the Challenges of Modern Mail Intralogistics: Rising Volumes, Tight Deadlines, and Increasing Customer Expectations
Ronan Shen | Head of Global Business | Libiao Robotics

14.20 // Fulfillment innovation by Hungarian Post
Panyi Mihály | Director of Digitalisation & Business Development | Magyar Posta

14.30 // Scaling SME eCommerce Growth with Innovative Technology Partners: The An Post Story
Rory O’Connor | CEO & Founder  | Scurri

14.40 // Complementing existing delivery network for the future of e-commerce
Andres Sampka | Co-Founder  | Parcelsea

14.50 // Digitizing the physical: How sensors are changing logistics
Aron Shteierman | Chief Executive Officer | Mole IOT

15.00 // Discussion and Q&A

15.30 // Conference Close

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