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We are currently working on our conference agenda for 2023.
To give you an example of what’s in store, check out the agenda of our last conference in 2021

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Day 1 // WEDNESday 16 June 2021


09.00 // Postal Perspectives: Post COVID-19 World

The European World Mail and Express Conference is back and ready to bring you the best webinars and content all over again! We will be kicking off our pioneering session with a stellar line up of leaders in the postal industry. In our opening session we will be taking a top-down perspective at past, present and future trends, how our landscape has adapted and the changes we expect to see in the budding years to come.

Chair: David McGrath | Group Marketing Director | Jersey Post

09.05 // Delivering Ecommerce from the First to Last Mile
Brody Buhler | CEO | Escher

09.20 // Accelerated Trends and New Challenges in the Postal Sector
Jean-Paul Forceville | Director of European and International Relations | Le Groupe La Poste

09.35 // Transforming Saudi Post into SPL
Fadi S. AlBuhairan | Deputy CEO | Saudi Post

09.50 // Overcoming Lack of Infrastructure in Rural Areas Through Digitalization and Movable Offices
Igor Smelyansky | CEO | Ukraine Post

10.05 // The Future of Post
Mārcis Vilcāns | CEO | Latvijas_Pasts

10.20 // Live Q&A

11.00 // Optimising Cross border in Europe

The optimisation of cross-border logistics has become a critical part of post and parcel business operations, therefore, getting this segment right is crucial. Knowing all the up-to-date information, rules, and regulations from within Europe are key to success. We will be hearing from experts who can provide some of the best advice and insights on the continent.

Chair: Ted Hettich | CCO | Cross-Border Commerce Europe

11.05 // Optimising Cross-Border Trade With Data
Teemu Konttinen | COO | EAS Project Oy

11.20 // Cross-border insights and solutions
Tom Day | CCO & CFO | International Post Corporation

11.35 // Can You Keep the Parcels Moving? Why Complete and Valid Data is Vital to Succeed in Cross-Border ECommerce.
Martyn Noble | CEO & Chariman | Hurricane Commerce

11.50 // Europe-Russia Cross Border Market
Georgy Alikoshvili | Deputy CEO  | Russian Post

12.05 // Live Q&A

13.00 // Drones, Robots & Vehicles: The Race for Autonomous Delivery

Ever wonder how you will receive your deliveries in 5, 10, 20 years’ time? With rapid advancements in robotics, software and vehicles, autonomous delivery is looking like it is only round the corner. This session will highlight the challenges and implications faced when rolling out various forms of autonomous delivery and what we can expect to see from operators and technology companies in the very exciting years to come.

Chair: Steve Green | WW Leader Process Innovation  | Amazon Last Mile

13.05 // Autonomous Delivery: Challenges & Implications – An Operator’s Perspective
Andreas Thöni | Executive Vice President Group Strategy, Digital & Innovation | Österreichische Post AG

13.20 // The Future of Last Mile Delivery
Nabil Malouli | VP Global Ecommerce | DHL

13.35 // Live Q&A

15.00 // Sustainability: Can we be doing better?

Pressure is only growing for the monopoly and large businesses to do better when it comes to their environmental footprint. Experts will be highlighting how they are pioneering the way with sustainable strategies and practices that can help educate the wider network of logistics and hopefully create a more environmentally friendly industry.

Chair: Derek Osborn | International Postal Business Coach | Whatnext4u Ltd

15.05 // Optimized tour planning on the last mile. Efficient and sustainable.
Clemens Beckman | CEO Greenplan GmbH | Deutsche Post DHL Group

15.20 // Energy Efficiency and Road Safety in Post & Parcel Operators
José Guilherme | Road Safety and Fleet Efficiency | CTT Correios de Portugal

15.35 // Sustainability: Striking the Right Balance
Botond Szebeny | Secretary General | PostEurop

15.50 // Green Checkouts: A Secret Weapon
Kitty Poole | Chief Marketing Officer | Doddle

16.05 // Live Q&A

16.30 // Brexit: Taxes, Tariffs & Transportation

The logistics industry has been going through some big changes recently, impacting the way goods move between the UK and Europe. Small, medium, and large businesses need to be fully informed about the all the regulations and changes taking place. Luckily, we have some of the most knowledgeable individuals, with up-to-date information about the current situation. So, sit back, relax, and know you will be “Brexit Ready” by the end of our session.

Chair: Derek Osborn | International Postal Business Coach | WhatNext4u Ltd

16.35 // How to Cope With the New Regulations
Nicole Morton | Cross Border Solutions Manager | Avalara

16.50 // How Can You Send Small Consignments of Excise Goods Across the UK’s Borders?
David Richardson | Regulatory & Commercial Affairs Director | Wine and Spirit Trade Association

17.05 // Cross Border Taxes & Customs Solutions
Niall O’Neill | CEO | PostLocal & MyDutyCollect

17.25 // Live Q&A

Day 2 // Thursday 17 June 2021


09.30 // Embedding Digital Strategy into the Last Mile

Using digitalisation to our advantage can have endless benefits to business and sometimes the environment. The session will look at the utilising AI, online booking systems and embedding digital strategy into your retail functions, with an overall focus on how this can transform and advance future business.

Chair: Brody Buhler | CEO | Escher Group

09.35 // Enabling the Digital Strategy in Retail
John Reis | General Manager Business Transformation Deployment | Canada Post

09.50 // Last Mile Pallet delivery for B2C
Gavin McGuckin | Head of Marketing | Palletways

10.05 // How to use AI/ML to improve customer experience.
Jørn Mjøster | Head of Data Science | Posten Norge AS

10.20 // Live Q&A

11.00 // Start-Ups

We have a fresh new line-up of start-ups for our experienced and knowledgeable moderator to scrutinize, analyse and explore. Our technology experts will be pitching their business, solutions and products, along the way explaining how they have overcome challenges in the postal & logistics market, in the hope of becoming a key disruptor.

Startup Session Proudly Sponsored by Pitney Bowes
Chair: Rick Hernandez | Vice-President of Global Business Development | Pitney Bowes

11.05 // Vamox
Roi Elizondo | CEO | Vamox

11.15 // Boks
Adrien Oksman | Chairman & Co-founder| Boks

11.25 // Scoobic Urban Mobility
Sergio Gonzalez Morales | Sales & Marketing Director | Scoobic Urban Mobility

11.35 // Live Q&A

13.00 // Supercharging Post & Parcel

We will be looking to the future of the last mile, from completely transforming a whole national post to utilising automation in distribution centres, all while examining the customer experience. Our best-of-the-best leaders will be providing statistics and insightful presentations that will leave you well and truly satisfied with knowledge. It is one NOT to miss.

Chair: John Acton | Founder and Managing Partner | DPI Europe

13.05 // Reinventing the Royal Mail for the Next Generation
Achim Dunnwald | COO | Royal Mail

 13.20 // Automation & Innovation in logistics: Automation Trends in Distribution/Fulfillment Centers
Ali Özyigit | Director – Automation & Innovation / Mainland Europe, Middle East & Africa| DHL Supply Chain

13.35 // Live Q&A

15.00 // The Delivery Experience: Customers are Key

For our final session of the conference, we have an abundance of expert speakers focusing on one of the most important parts of the last mile. Professionals will be taking a deep dive into what customers really want from their deliveries. With the abundance of delivery choices from PUDO to same-day delivery, the pressure on companies to be the best is only growing. Our professionals will be providing reliable statistics, so you can give your customers what they demand.

Chair: Kati Packalén | Head of Customer Experience | PostNord Oy

15.05 // The Delivery Experience: What Your Customers Want
Rick Hernandez | VP of Global Business Development | Pitney Bowes

 15.20 // Customers at the Centre of the Retail Transformation Program
Annie Bellemare | Director Projects / Chief Product Owner r | Canada Post

15.35 // Customers Set the Pace
Nicolas Tabanera | Commercial & Customer Service Director | MailAmericas

15.50 // Providing a Great Delivery Experience
Annie Hyder | Direct Fulfillment Analyst, Reverse Flow | The Home Depot

16.05 // Improve Customer Satisfaction by Improving Driver Satisfaction
Doug Hill | Head of Marketing | Routesmart

16.20 // Live Q&A

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