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Delivering through Uncertainty…

The agenda for WMX Europe is designed to give international post and parcel executives the tools and techniques to build flexible, future-proof companies. This year’s conference theme is ‘Delivering through Uncertainty’ and will tackle the following broad themes:

Last-Mile Delivery

Estimates show that 28% of a product’s total transportation costs are in the last mile of delivery. The current trends in final mile delivery are in direct response to these high costs. This session will look to explore the challenges and opportunities of delivering in different markets and examine the emerging technologies that can help to overcome the obstacles to effective last-mile delivery.

Cross Border Challenges

E-commerce is becoming more and more of a global playing field, with cross-border sales forecast to be in the region of $630 billion by 2022. Consumers are searching and comparing products from international retailers from all over the world – looking for the best deal or trying to access a sought-after product they can’t find in their home market. In this session, we look at the key success factors of e-commerce logistics across Europe against the backdrop of Brexit.

E-Commerce Trends

According to a study published by eMarketer in 2016, the ecommerce sector will experience double-digit growth until 2020, when sales are expected to exceed $4 trillion. Few industries can boast such a bright future and the logistics industry will be an integral part of this exponential growth. This session will explore the latest trends in global e-commerce and look at how carriers can better manage demand whilst delivering a great experience for the end customer.

Parcel Perspectives

Digitally connected consumers, looking for lower prices, greater convenience and a seamless experience when buying, receiving and returning products, are forcing parcel companies to rethink traditional parcel delivery. This session will offer carrier perspectives on the trends and challenges they face in an increasingly competitive market.

Postal Perspectives

The internet and the growing pervasiveness of mobile devices and other digital technologies has seen postal services experience a steady decline in their core business of delivering letters and post to recipients around the world. This session will look at how postal operators are diversifying to overcome the decline in traditional mail volumes and offer their perspectives on the future of post.

Want to speak at WMX Europe?

We have issued an official ‘Call for Papers’ to interested parties who might wish to contribute to this debate, either from within the industry or from those with more general social, environmental and economic viewpoints.

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