Supplier Showcase

Our exclusive showcase exhibition brings together the best technology and service providers, as well as operators, who will be presenting the latest products and services available to the mail and express industry.

Correos, parent company of the Correos Group, is one of the main national companies by size, territorial presence, human capital and physical and digital infrastructure.

It is also the operator designated by law to provide the universal postal service throughout the territory, with criteria of efficiency, quality and affordability, contributing to the sustainability of postal communications for all citizens.

Correos is the reference company in the Spanish postal market and one of the main parcel operators, especially for the electronic commerce sector, for the excellence, trust and reliability of its service and for its global, physical and digital offer, to serve the demands of each customer segment.

KEBA  is an internationally successful high-tech company with headquarters in Linz (Austria) and subsidiaries worldwide. KEBA is active in the three operative business areas: Industrial Automation, Handover Automation and Energy Automation. The company has been developing and producing for more than 50 years according to its motto “Automation by innovation”.

With a holistic portfolio to automate the first and last mile of parcel logistics, KEBA is the expert and pioneer in the parcel locker industry. For more than 20 years and with our approach to partnership, we help our customers streamline their parcel logistics. KePol offers the right solution for every need. Flexible services and various packages, such as hard- and software, rollout-management, training, service, operation, app solutions and monitoring are offered to fit your specific requirements.

KePol – Your One-Stop-Solution for the first and last mile of parcel logistics!

Mooevo are an engineering company that designs and develops dual-solution electrical systems that transport and transport you at the same time. Our mission is to create unique, disruptive and innovative solutions for the #electric mobility of people and for #transport. Mooevo Go is a unique dual-solution system / device, which helps improve accessibility for dependent people. Mooevo Go electrifies almost any wheelchair on the market, through bars that push and guide the chair for people with #reduced mobility, the elderly and the dependent. Patented technology worldwide, scheduled for launch at the end of the first half of 2020. With the same dual electrical solution system that transports and transports you effortlessly, the Mooevo Cargo range has its scope of action in the area of ​​efficient delivery and distribution last mile and, the Mooevo Pro business line, applies to the industrial and logistics sector. We want to expand people’s limits, both socially and professionally. Our focus is people: helping them and improving their performance, while optimising companies.

One World Express is a global e-commerce B2C courier and logistics company which is expanding through technology, efficiency, reliability and excellence in customer service. With an established presence in major markets around the world, One World Express is a target driven establishment with dedicated professionals possessing years of experience in the courier and logistics industry at its helm. We have helped revolutionise cross border trade by assisting e-tailers with a global distribution facility through our in-house bespoke software which can be easily integrated into any OMS (Order Management System) and WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) and also provides a returns management process through our International hubs creating a platform for an efficient and transparent total parcel management solution. Besides this state of the art technology that’s available for B2C logistics, One World Express also offers a bespoke personalisation opportunity on the shipping labels that are generated from their system. This gives E-tailers an opportunity to further expose their brand to the market and consumers.

One World Express will also be hosting the second drinks reception in Madrid.

Our AI-powered comparison, shipping and fulfillment portal always finds the best shipping price worldwide and reduces shipping costs by up to 83%. The goal was to create a shipping portal with a comprehensive network of postal carriers and parcel services to make international shipping reliable and cost-effective, simplifying international shipping for online retailers.Pakajo customers can deliver their orders directly through global postal carriers, have their shipments picked up anywhere in the world, and save on shipping costs. This is made possible by Pakajo’s logistics idea. Our decades of experience in the shipping business, coupled with knowledge of the untapped opportunities in the industry and enthusiasm for a real revolution in the parcel market, have created a unique and innovative comparison portal that always offers the lowest shipping prices.

Pakajo currently offers connectivity to 40 store systems and marketplaces, a general API and various import options. Pakajo is listed as a carrier on Ebay, is connected and  to 15 postal and parcel carriers.

Pasar Express is a Colombian logistics company for international trading.
Customs clearance & last mile service for e-commerce. Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Panama and Peru.

PRIME was founded in 1997 with the aim of stimulating trade in cross-border packets. Today, PRIME is a members driven network with a cooperative like spirit. It consists of 160 UPU Designated Operators with the mission of working and collaborating together to deliver cross border solutions for the e-commerce market. We are committed to keeping trustworthy long-lasting relationships within our community. Our vision is to be at the forefront of emerging e-commerce developments and to be the leading global enabler of cost-effective, quality tracking and delivery services in the cross-border e-commerce tracked packets market. Any Designated Operator that is a UPU member is welcome to join PRIME.

Pro Carrier are specialists in supporting eCommerce retailers with their B2C cross border delivery. We offer retailers a range of global delivery options, supported by a choice of final mile delivery partners al backed up with smart and intuitive IT solutions to suit high demand that exists in this industry.

RouteSmart Technologies enables parcel, postal, and home delivery operators around the globe to build more efficient routes. We offer fast, scalable cloud-based solutions for daily dynamic parcel routing, as well as software solutions for strategic route planning of your changing postal routes

Scurri  offers software that connects and optimises the eCommerce ordering, shipping, and delivery process.  Scurri adds value at multiple stages along the eCommerce journey: from helping get the purchase over the line in the basket, to selecting the most effective delivery option for each package, creating accurate labels, tracking the packages, and running analytics to deliver insight to support process improvement. Fuelled by the growth in online shopping in the UK and Ireland, the company has opened offices in London, and the Scurri technology now manages millions of parcel deliveries for ecommerce merchants including eBay, Vision Direct, Gousto, Gymshark and Ocado to name a few and are integrated with delivery partners such as UPS, Royal Mail, DHL, TNT, DPD, Yodel and many more.

The Information Factory provides business intelligence (BI) systems and custom built digital solutions that enables companies to be more data-driven. The BI systems are available on an ‘as a service’ basis delivering analysis and insights on your key performance indicators with easy to use dashboards, high impact visualisations and detailed reports. Our fully customised digital solutions harness the power of your data by automating manual processes, transforming information into knowledge and integrating fact based decision making into the workflow. We’re focused on the logistics, parcel, postal, express and e-commerce sectors where our software skills, deep understanding of data and industry experience helps clients to achieve their business and digital transformation goals.

Specialising in the clearance of eCommerce parcels to and from the UK, we are your one-stop shop customs agent.

Whether your goods are low or high-value, we’ve got you covered!

Specialising in the clearance of low-value goods (BIRDS). We can not only save you time and money by clearing multiple low-value parcels on a single customs entry but we can also handle and process your high-value goods too, sent, separately or mixed.

With over 20 years experience in the eCommerce industry, we have got the knowledge and experience to get your goods to their destination without delay. We can also manage your eCommerce returns, helping you and your traders reclaim UK customs duty on your parcel returns to Europe, thus improving your cash flow.

Customs Clearance for eCommerce Parcels

  • Tracked final mile delivery solutions
  • Import and Export to and from the EU
  • Low & High-Value Customs Clearance
  • BIRDS (Bulk) Specialists
  • Duty Reclaim on Returned Goods


  • Specially designed for low-value eCommerce goods e.g. under £135, eliminating customs duty regardless of origin
  • Multiple low-value parcels for each consignor can be cleared on a single customs entry

Customer Portal

  • Seamless process for you and your Traders
  • Full API integration
  • Real-time data showing import/export progress and customs clearance status
  • Access to all clearance documentation

Reclaim the duty on your eCommerce returns

  • Cash tied up in duty paid on outbound goods?
  • Duty drawback is the reimbursement of UK customs duty paid on goods that are re-exported back to the origin.
  • Improve cashflow by reclaiming thousands
  • Improve stock inventory with weekly return logistics solution

Zonos  provides scalable technology to simplify the complexities of international commerce making it accessible to everyone. We create products that allow businesses to take full control of their cross-border trade experience. Our SaaS solutions alleviate the headaches of cross-border trade with APIs and software that provide businesses with the tools and data they need to scale globally, including the only true landed cost solution on the market. Zonos has doubled in size every year since its inception, to become the leader in cross-border technology, helping thousands of businesses better serve their international partners and customers. Our team of industry and software experts is expanding rapidly, both locally and globally.

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